Kav Mashve is an Israeli non-profit organization which promotes equal employment opportunities for Arab university graduates within the Israeli business sector. The organization was founded in 2007 by Mr. Dov Lautman, who was a prominent Israeli industrialist and a recipient of the Israel Prize for Life Achievement, in conjunction with the Manufacturers Association of Israel. 

Kav Mashve works in three main arenas:


Training to open doors for candidates from the Arab society


Preparation for the world of jobs and networking with potential employers and jobs

High Schoolers

Career orientation with emphasis on academic programs and wanted professions in the market

The Problem: Employment inequality for Israel’s Arab citizens is a major obstacle towards achieving social justice in Israeli society today. Arabs constitute 20.7% of Israeli society but only:

13% of the general workforce
3-5% of the business market
0.3% of management

Arabs with academic degrees face challenges in finding appropriate employment in their fields: 46.5% of Arabs with academic degrees do not pursue employment in the Jewish work force
20% of graduates of engineering and science degrees are employed in those fields
51% of Arabs with degrees in law, economics, accounting and business management are employed in those fields

Kav Mashve has identified four major barriers preventing Arab professionals with academic degrees from finding employment in their fields: insufficient early career guidance; inadequate solutions for soft skills training; lack of professional networks; and prejudice. The result is the perpetuation of social and economic inequality in Israeli society.

Today, Kav Mashve acts as an R&D agency, implementing and developing innovative programs to be adopted by the Israeli government.


Kav Mashve was founded by Dov Lautman, Dr. Irit Keinan, the Manufacturers ‘Association and the employers’ association in the economy. The management and establishment of the association was chosen by Adv. Irit Tamir, who served as CEO since its establishment until 31.12.2011. Kav Mashve is run by Jews and Arabs, businessmen, human resources and society.


Dov Lautman

(February 29, 1936 - November 23, 2013)
was an Israeli industrialist and businessman. Founder, owner and chairman of the Delta Galil textile enterprises, president of the Manufacturers Association of Israel in 1986-1993 and recipient of the Israel Prize for 1970 in the field of life work - a special contribution to society and the state.

Dr. Irit Keinan

Dr. Irit Keinan is the head of the MA program in Education, Society and Culture of the School of Education at the Center for Academic Studies in Or Yehuda, the director of social organizations and social activist. Throughout her career, Irit strives to combine her academic work with social and public work. Among other things, she served as an advisor to the President of the University of Haifa for Social Responsibility and as Chairman of the Haifa Conference for Social Responsibility; Was the founding director of the Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies in Tel Aviv, founded after the assassination of the prime minister; She is the initiator of Kav Mashve, an organization that promotes equality of employment opportunities for Arab academics, which she founded several years ago in cooperation with Mr. Dov Lautman, and is an active member of its Board of Directors. Keinan is a member of the Women Make Peace movement.



Danny Gal

Graduate of the Glitsman Program for Public Leadership at Harvard University, an organizational consultant and founder of the Tel Aviv Institute for Social Entrepreneurship. Previous positions: Co-founder of the CEF Middle East program dedicated to creating dialogue, trust, and civil cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians living in the region. Organizational consulting for social organizations such as the Institute for Democratic Education, Beit Berl College and the Jewish-Arab Center for Economic Development. One of the leaders of the "From Cradle to Circle" Initiative: 1000 round tables with 10,000 participants discussing the future of Israeli society.

Sami Asaad

VP at Kav Mashve
MA in Business Administration, Tel Aviv University. He has many years of management experience in the fields of service, human resources, recruitment and training in leading organizations in the economy. He develops and leads workshops in the fields of career, personal empowerment and the development of personal skills. Mr. Asaad is considered a successful lecturer known among many employers in the economy for his lectures about cultural-employment characteristics in Arab society, and the adaptation of recruitment processes that support the goals of diversity in organizations. Mr. Asaad's rich experience in shared work with both employers and candidates places him as a highly influential figure in achieving quantitative and qualitative results in the integration of Arab academics into the core of activity and employment in the Israeli economy. Previous positions: Founder and manager of human resources company - Ofek Human Capital Director of Cellcom's service and sales network Regional Recruitment Manager - Cellcom Production Process Coordinator - Intel

The team


Maram Mireb

Manager of the Business Clubs program
MA in organizational development, University of Haifa. Graduate of Career Development Counseling Program, Tel Aviv University BA in Human Services and Education from the University of Haifa. She has many years of experience in project management field. Career advisor and group facilitator in the fields of career development, personal skills and more. Previous positions: Director of a national program of career guidance for high school students - Kav Mashve Experience in sales, recruitment and placement

Aline Nakkara Shehebar

Administrative Director
Administrative Director- Aline holds a Master gedree in law form Haifa University in Law and Technology.
Anoob Monder

Anoob Monder

Coordinator of educational projects at KavMashve.
MA in group facilitation. BA in Human Services and Special Education, University of Haifa. Teaching certificate and experience in the education system, guidance and coordinating of various projects.

Jiska Cohen

Director of Resource Development
BA and MA in Education and International Communication from the University of Oldenburg, Germany. Jiska has extensive experience in establishing and managing international projects and educational initiatives. In addition, she has great experience fundraising for organizations and speaks five languages. Her work aspires to achieve equal opportunities, fighting racism and social discrimination.

Shireen Zoabi

High-Tech program
Coaching leader of the programming team of the Coding Bootcamps and responsible for the training and content of the program. A graduate of computer science from the Technion, worked as a mentor for the training programs of FOUNDERS & CODERS in Nazareth.

Dana Amit

High-Tech program
Manager of the Coding Bootcamps team, holds a Master's degree in Public Administration and an eight-year experience in managing teams in high-tech placement companies.
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تبرع صغير للجمعية
مساهمة كبيرة للمجتمع

انضموا لبرنامج “قرّب للخير“. عند قيامكم بالشراء من خلال بطاقة الاعتماد، يتم تقريب مبلغ الشروة لأقرب مبلغ صحيح. مثلا، اشتريتم بسعر 99.2 شاقل، يتم تقريب المبلغ ليصبح 100 شاقل، ويتم التبرع بالـ 80 أغورة لكاف مشفيه.
للانضمام اضغطوا هنا

לוגו בערבית אותיות בלבן

كاف مشفيه هي مؤسسة غير ربحية. تبرعكم سيساعدنا على تحقيق أهداف الجمعية ورسالتها.


*للجمعية تصريح تبرعات بحسب البند 46א لقانون ضريبة الدخل (استرجاع للمتبرعين).

שנו את מציאות התעסוקה
ב- 2 ש"ח לחודש

הצטרפו ל”עיגול לטובה” ובכל קנייה שתבצעו בכרטיס האשראי יעוגל סכום הקנייה לשקל הקרוב ואותן אגורות ייתרמו ישירות ל”קו משווה” ,
להצטרפות לחצו כאן


קו משווה היא עמותה הפועלת ללא כוונת רווח.
התרומה שלך תעזור לנו לקדם את מטרותיה החשובות  של העמותה.

* לעמותה אישור תרומות לפי סעיף 46 לפקודת מס הכנסה (זיכוי לתורמים).

“תמיד חלמתי להיות עורכת דין,  במיוחד לאחר שלקחתי קורסי משא ומתן וגישור בתיכון. במהלך השנה האחרונה בלימודים, השתתפתי ב”מועדון המשפטנים” של קו משווה. רכשתי המון מיומנויות וכלים, שיעזרו לי להתחיל את הקריירה כעורכת דין. כמו שאבא תמיד אומר לי “מסע של אלף מיל מתחיל בצעד אחד” וקו משווה היה הצעד הראשון במסע הזה. במהלך התכנית עשיתי נטוורקינג והכרתי הרבה אנשים ומעסיקים פוטנציאליים עתידיים. מלחיץ מאוד לחשוב כל הזמן על למצוא את התמחות החלומות שלך, כך שזה הופך להיות הפוקוס העיקרי של הלימודים.

איימן השתתף במועדון הכלכלנים של קו משווה, מספר על התכנית: “עברתי ראיונות עבודה לפני ואחרי שהשתתפתי במועדון הכלכלנים בקו משווה. היתה לתכנית השפעה משמעותית בכל הקשור להכנות להשתלבות בשוק העבודה. הסימולציות וההדרכות נתנו לי יותר ביטחון עצמי, כיוון שהתמקדנו לא רק בנקודות החולשה אלא גם בנקודות הכוח של כל משתתף. יתר על כך, הקדישה מנחת התכנית שעות רבות לעזור לכל משתתף בהכנה לראיונות. אחרי שהשתתפתי במועדון הכלכלנים התקבלתי להתמחות בחברת דלויט – Deloitte, אחת הפירמות העולמיות לייעוץ וראיית חשבון.”

הטלנטים שלנו – דאנא משארקה

תכירו את דנה משארקה, בוגרת מועדון הכלכלנים של קו משווה. דנה למדה כלכלה ומערכות מידע באוניברסיטת חיפה, ובמהלך שנת הלימודים האחרונה שלה היא השתתפה במועדון הכלכלנים שקו משווה הקימה באוניברסיטה. “בזכות המועדון וההכוונה של מנחת המועדון, ליאת רמתי-נבון, רכשתי כלים רבים ומיומנויות חשובות להשתלבות בשוק העבודה במשרה התואמת את תחום הלימודים שלי, ובמיוחד ההכנה לראיון העבודה ומבחני המיון וכדומה.” לאחרונה התחילה דנה לעבוד בחברת אינטל בתחום התכנון ותפעול מעבדות. כל הכבוד דנה, מאחלים לך קריירה מוצלחת ומספקת!

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