WebAhead coding Bootcamp

WebAhead is a 4 month full stack JavaScript bootcamp, Looking for excellent and brilliant STEM graduates.


Find a job!

Kav Mashve will assist the program graduates to be recruited in a high-tech job.

Partially Funded

The course (worth more than 20K nis) is funded, however we take a commitment fee.

In English

Classes are in English


Check the Q&A section below for more info.

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If you receive an error, please send an email to shireen@kavmashve.org.il.


We are looking for excellent arab academics with a bachelor’s degree who would like to specialize in full-satck development.

With a lot of motivation and the will to self-study

  • Highly motivated with the ability to self-study
  • Love coding and computers (obviously!)
  • Like team work and peer-study
  • Ability to commit for 4 months

A professional and extensive course that will provide you with the necessary knowledge to get a job in one of the most wanted fields of the high-tech industry
Assistance and professional accompaniment of Kav Mashve to help you land the job of your dreams
A graduation certificate signed by all the program partners

  • Excellent student with an 80+ average
  • Good level of English speaking and writing
  • Is willing to work ~60 hours on the prerequisites
  • Love coding and developing software
  • Highly motivated and likes challenges

The course lasts 4 months
From Sunday to Thursday, 10:00-18:00

  • Kav Mashve will accompany each graduate in finding a job
  • We will also give soft skills workshops during the course

Junior Full stack, Back end, Front end development position and other entry level positions.

The course is partially funded by the Innovation Authority and costs 1500 NIS (full scholarship will be granted according to conditions), we do charge an application fee of 300 NIS to cover the application expenses.

Our campus is located in Saint Lucas st. 5, Haifa 

You will need to work on the course prerequisites. We will send them by email as soon as you register using the form above.

Our process includes:

  1. Exams day
  2. Personal interview

Experienced mentors who have graduated from a previous cohort and international mentors

Since the course will all in English you are required to have a high level of spoken and written English

Majd Yaaqub
Majd Yaaqub
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“I used to code as a young boy but never really understood the value of JavaScript. I didn’t know how to build websites. In the course, I built websites every week! The practical aspect of the course made me so self-confident that I was ready to be interviewed and answer questions in a technical practical knowledgeable way. I was in my second year studying Computer Sciences, and working in Automation at the same time, when I heard about the Coding Bootcamp. I heard the course was 4 months, a Full Practical course, so I stopped my studies and joined it. It was the best decision. Our weeks looked like this: 1st - 2nd day: we learned a new technology 3rd - 4th day: we built a project. 5th day: we presented the project - in English. And that’s another Plus: Your English will be x5 times better!”
Tamer Nasser
Tamer Nasser
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"What affected me the most was the peer-led learning and information sharing where everyone learns together. There is no competition, we worked as a team so we can all succeed. In the bootcamp I have learned how to use the 20/20/20 rule - you try to solve the problem in 20 minutes by yourself, then you share the problem with the team and try together and eventually you have another 20 minutes to get help from the mentors. Another thing that I liked about the bootcamp was the fact that we had mentors, every mentor is a graduate of the program. Each graduate has gained knowledge and later on shares it with future cohorts. We have also gained a lot of soft skills throughout including presentation skills and pitching. I couldn't believe I can do it but I did."
Shadi Rayn
Shadi Rayn@shadirrx
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"The course was life-changing for me, It introduced a lot of new challenges, I was coding for a few years before the course, I already had technical experience but the course introduced a lot of new things that added to my soft and technical skills which helped me in the jobs I landed after. I learned a lot of modern frameworks that are used in the tech field today that helped me pass most Interviews, I liked learning so many new technologies and making so many planned projects in a short amount of time, It helps you prioritize the importance of each and every step of the code. The course helped me professionally, technically and made me more confident in my skills."