A New Beginning

Looking towards the future with Kav Mashve

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

As always, a lot has happened at Kav Mashve since our last newsletter. You might already have heard that Danny Gal, our previous Executive Director, decided to end his position after serving the organization for over five years. We are so very grateful for his investment in Kav Mashve and for doing such an admirable job. We wish Danny the best of luck in the future.

My name is Sami Asaad, and I am happy to introduce myself as Kav Mashve’s new Executive Director. It is with pride and excitement, I enter this position. I have been overwhelmed with encouragement, support and congratulations during the past month, and I thank you all for your support.

So, who am I? I hold a Master’s degree in Labor Studies and Human Resources from Tel Aviv University and I am a graduate of Maoz Leadership Program. From several years of working in the business sector, I have gained experience within HR, recruitment, training and management. I began my journey at Kav Mashve in 2014, and through my previous position as the organization’s Deputy ED, I have been well prepared for my new role. I am proud to say that I am Kav Mashve’s first-ever ED from the Arab community.

Looking back at 2020, I am so proud of the Kav Mashve team. During a time of global crisis and pandemic prompted by recurring lock-downs, economic challenges, socio-political instability and high demand from the community of Arab job-seekers, our staff has shown determination and solidity. They have been quick to adjust to the new situation, creating new methods of implementation and entirely new programs in the midst of this alarming period. Thanks to them, Kav Mashve can continue to grow its impact and integrate Arab talents into the Israeli job market.

As we enter 2021, I am eager to tell you more about my vision for Kav Mashve. During the past decade, there has been a great interest among Arab youngsters to enroll in higher education. Yet, there is a lack of Arab employees within leading companies in Israel, especially Arab managers, which means that there is a shortage of significant role models for Arab professionals who are new in the job market. This is something I am seeking to change, to give Arab youngsters hope for a successful career where they can reach leadership, management and influential positions.

Are you ready to join Kav Mashve in this new chapter?

Let’s raise a glass this year to new beginnings!


Thank you,

Sami Asaad

Executive Director at Kav Mashve

1.   Promoting Arab Role Models: 1000 Arab Managers Over 5 Years

  • Kav Mashve organized an online conference for international friends and supporters where Sami Asaad introduced our vision of promoting 1000 Arab managers over five years – a game-changer for the Israeli economy. Prominent Arab leaders joined as guest speakers:
  • Also, six of our Lead Forward program graduates joined to tell us more about their journeys to the top and Kav Mashve’s important impact. To all of you who participated in the conference, thank you!

    Click here for an article by the Jerusalem Post about the conference.
  • Sami Asaad and two of our Al-Mada program participants, Nasreen Salman (KPMG) and Haitham Khatib (Microsoft), were invited to speak about the need for custom management programs at Bokra Net live channel in Nazareth.

    Nasreen and Haitham highlighted that many Arab professionals work at leading Israeli companies, but they struggle to reach a management position. Kav Mashve’s Al-Mada program offers the necessary management skills and the graduates can become important role models for coming Arab generations.

2.   Over 80 New Placements: Arab Professionals Integrate Israeli Leading Companies

  • Over 80 of our 2020 Campus Business Clubs’ graduates have entered exciting job placements at leading companies such as Mirage Marketing, KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, Amazon, Itworks, BDO, Decker and many more.
  • Despite the challenges around Covid-19 restrictions, Kav Mashve recently opened another round of Campus Business Clubs. The program now contains 8 clubs, including 190 students of law, biotech, engineering, computer science, accounting and finance.
  • To welcome the new club participants and reconnect with previous graduates, Kav Mashve organized an inspirational online conference “Leadership & Career” including over 70 participants.
    Ahmad Muhana, Executive Director of the Amanina Association, and Shani Perez Kariv, CEO at Standing in Front of an Audience, joined the conference to discuss the importance of social change work for one’s successful career and to give useful tools to catch an audience interest.

    A special thanks to Ahmad Mwassi from the Edmond de Rothchild Foundation and Samar Bashara and Nabil Totari from Bank Hapoalim for participating in the conference and supporting the program. 

3.   Program Launch: More Arab Professionals Are Aiming For The Israeli High-Tech Industry

  • Kav Mashve’s first-ever Cloud Camp program has been launched in cooperation with Microsoft! This is a 2-months training program for 9 talented students who are ready to take the next step in their high-tech careers, becoming professional DevOps engineers.
  • The participants of our WebAhead Coding Bootcamp, cohort 7, are now presenting their final projects and will soon begin their journey within the Israeli high-tech industry.
  • Cohort 8 kicked-off with 12 new participants, eager to become the next generation of Arab Israeli programmers.

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A New Beginning