Ali Khutaba

“One of the most successful programs I have ever participated in!”

Ever since Ali Khutaba was a little boy, he has had a fascination for computers, how they work and how they can provide us with so much. He grew up in Arraba and was always drawn to subjects such as engineering and math. This is why he decided to study Software Engineering at the ORT Braude College. 


By participating in Kav Mashve’s Campus Business Club, Ali has learned many useful things not included in the regular curriculum such as presenting himself to an employer and making a good impression during the application process for a new job. The program has also offered him valuable tours and networking sessions at high-tech companies. Ali expresses his gratitude to the program facilitator, her devotion to details, personal follow-up and her helpful feedback. 


We are proud that Ali, at 26 years old, is about to finalize his degree and has already entered the successful position as a Full Stack Developer at Moveo in Tel Aviv.

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