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Partnerships For A Better Future
In Times Of Covid-19

Dear Friends,

This week, we have gone out of the second lock-down in Israel and are slowly returning to routine with the obvious safety measures. While in lockdown, Kav Mashve never stopped from pursuing our goals and promoting Arab talent to the best possible jobs in the Israeli market. We have started new programs and new partnerships – which is the theme of this newsletter.
When the world is so much in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) the best way to cope and continue being relevant is through partnerships. We have established new partnerships with Tel Aviv University (special MBA program), Strauss, Amdocs, Agmon, Osem and other leading companies that joined us to train and prepare candidates for the job market. We are continuing our fruitful partnerships with Bank Hapoalim, Co-Impact, Lahav, Israel Innovation Authority, Jerusalem Municipality and more.
The constraints of COVID combined with the dialogue with partners lead to innovative new programs and opportunities. We will continue to innovate and create new opportunities to strengthen Israeli society to make it more inclusive and just for the Arab citizens.
Continue reading to learn more about the latest at Kav Mashve, and please consider a donation to support our work during these challenging times.

Wishing everyone a healthy and successful return to stability.


Thank you,

Danny Gal

Executive Director at Kav Mashve

1.  On A Journey To The Top – A New Partnership With Tel Aviv University: 13 Arab Professionals Entering An Exclusive Management MBA And Leadership Program

We were excited to open the doors to our new program Al-Mada, including 13 Arab professionals with high potential to reach management positions at their workplace. The program includes three components: an academic MBA degree of five semesters at the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University, parallel leadership training by the Institute for Quality Leadership and a two-week study visit to the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Many thanks to the guest speakers at the launch event; Elli Booch, Director of Philanthropy, and Ahmad Mawasi, Arab Society Director, at the Edmond de Rothchild Foundation (main contributor); Prof. Moshe Tzviran, Dean at Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University; Eli Hillman, partner and CEO, at the Institute for Quality Leadership; and Naama Bar-On, Head of Evaluation Unit, at the Davidson Institute.

2.   First-Ever Online Summer Clubs: 43 Arab Academics Ready To Enter The Israeli Labor Market

We completed our first-ever online summer clubs for university students. The activities trained and prepared 24 Human Resources students and 19 Civil Engineering students upon job-hunting and entering their first career-specific position.

One of the students associated her career with a photo of a road, saying that Kav Mashve’s program gave her new fuel to continue on that road. We are eager to hear where the road will take each one of the graduates in the future.

3.   Program Launch: Our Graduates Are Giving Back

Kav Mashve is proud to have launched our Mentoring program to integrate and enrich leading Israeli companies with talented Arab personnel. This new program creates supportive relationships between our previous program graduates where 22 Lead Forward alumni volunteer as mentors to assist 27 Campus Business Club and Coding Bootcamp graduates as they engage in job search and initiate their careers.

An example is Shadi Abu-Sinni who thrives in his position as a Product Development Manager at Yotvata Diary, Strauss, and who is now mentoring Siwar Hardan, a talented graduate of biotechnology and food engineering at the Technion.

4.  Exciting Partnerships: Benefiting The Integration Of Arab Professionals

  • Kav Mashve entered a new partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Division of Diagnostic Imaging at the Sheba Medical Center as we completed our first-ever Lighthouse program, empowering 12 Arab students of X-ray and Diagnostic Imaging. The students have gained the tools and soft skills needed to pass their academic studies and improve their chances of professional integration.
  • In collaboration with the law firm Agmon, Kav Mashve recently finalized a summer program including 21 young Arab law students. All students participated in an online legal group training while also receiving personal guidance and support from Agmon’s skilled attorneys.

5.  Growing Interest For Coding Bootcamps: 15 New Talented Participants

  • Participants of WebAhead Coding Bootcamp cohort 6 are now at the finish line of the course, presenting their final group projects of creating an online application.
  • Cohort 7 kick-started with our largest cohort so far – 15 participants where 33% are women! Due to the lock-down in Israel, the course successfully began as an online course but has finally moved into the classroom.

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