Internal Barriers and Challenges to the Integration of Arab Graduates into the Labor Market – “A Field Perspective”

 The purpose of this paper is to propose an in-depth look at the challenges and barriers facing the integration of Arab graduates into suitable employment. These explanations are based on our experience at Kav Mashve working and meeting with thousands of young Arabs in high schools, universities, colleges and the workplace. Some of the explanations put forward are a rephrasing of the familiar barriers mentioned above and others are new observations. One of the innovations we propose in this paper is the arrangement of barriers and challenges
within a structure of “rings”. The metaphor of the ring describes a protected, separated and withdrawn reality, sometimes like a bubble, but with less penetrable and more rigid borders. The structure of concentric rings (a ring within a ring) described below presents a hierarchy of rings that as a hole leads to the lack of integration and the underutilization of human capital.