Moris Rafol

From Dream to Reality

Moris Rafol, 22 years old from Haifa, dreamed about a Computer Science degree to enter a high-tech career. Yet, he could not afford to study at the University and therefore did not see that he had any chance within the high-tech industry. Instead, he began to work at a local computer store where he eventually got in contact with the staff of Kav Mashve’s Web Ahead Coding Bootcamp. After hearing about the program, he was eager to join. 


The staff immediately identified his great potential but also noticed that Moris lacked the necessary soft-skills and had very low self-esteem, making it hard for him to apply for jobs. Throughout the program, he gained the experience needed to enroll in a high-tech career and Kav Mashve helped him to improve his soft-skills and to believe in his own success. 


During Moris’s final project, he was part of creating an app for a blood donations company. The project was very successful and his project manager was so impressed with Moris that he was recommended to a job at Check Marx where he is now working as a Front-End Web Developer.  

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