OmKolthom Amarah

“Never Give Up!”

OmKolthom Amarah, 24 years old from Zalafe, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Tel Aviv. She had been searching for a job for about a year after her graduation without success which was very frustrating. During this time, another passion of hers had grown, she dreamed about working with coding at a medical company. OmKolthom applied to Kav Mashve’s Web Ahead Coding Bootcamp with the hopes that it would help her find her dream job. 

Although OmKolthom did not come from a background of Computer Science, the program staff were amazed by her natural talent for coding and she was a fast learner. We are proud to say that OmKolthom was hired as a Systems Engineer at GE Healthcare Systems in Haifa immediately after graduating from the program.

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