Business Clubs Program

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Business Clubs Program

Within the framework of the “Business Clubs” program, Kav Mashveh, in partnership with the Rothschild Foundation and other partners, works to increase the representation of Arab academics in the Israeli employment market, which currently stands at only 5%.

Participants in the program are students divided into groups of 15-20 participants according to their field of study: biotech clubs, economists clubs, law clubs, computer science clubs, human resources clubs, accounting clubs, engineering clubs, etc.

In these groups, the students undergo social cohesion and an in-depth familiarity, exposure to the professional content of their field of study through a meeting with leading companies and employers in their fields, and participate in network events and professional workshops, in coordination with the employer companies.

As part of the program:

• Encounters with inspirational figures from Arab society
• Preparation workshops for the working world
• Personal Mentoring