Stepping Up The Game

Kav Mashve During Covid-19 Crisis

Dear Partners and Care-Holders,

The times are weird worrying in the midst of the second wave here and around the world. It is now clear that the people who will suffer most from the pandemic are those who come from the lower socioeconomic echelons of the society, and that includes a lot of Arab families in Israel.

We at Kav Mashve are doing everything we can to continue supporting the Arab job seekers and provide them with the best tools to shine and become attractive to recruiters. This is why our message lately has been: “UNMUTE Yourself” and this is also the theme for our Summer-Corona Newsletter.

Thanks for caring and please drop us a note saying what you think.


1.   Unmute Yourself: Our Very First
       Large-Scale Online Conference


Impressive 150 people joined us and were eager to find out how to press the un-mute button in job search – during times of crisis – to step-up and speak their message out loud.

18 workshops, 6 simultaneously, using all the new technologies we acquired during these unusual times. Every workshop included very crucial and currently relevant themes such as:

  • Social networks for hunting your dream job with Mona Haddadone of our outstanding Lead Forward program-graduates.
  • Job-opportunities in the post-corona labor market.
  • Storytelling and body-language to prepare for job interviews.
  • Dealing with financial and career decision making during the crisis.

2.   Step-Up: 100 Promising Arab Leaders
       Become Industry Game-Changers

  • A new record of advancement: 85% of Lead Forward cohort 3 was promoted to management positions within a year.
  • Read here about the new generation of Arab professionals and how they are becoming the “First Only Different” as they step-up to take leadership positions. By advancing in their careers, they show the positive impact of diverse workspaces while opening new doors for the next generation.
Kav Mashve_Lead Forward Cohort 4_2020


  • Cohort 4 graduation: 22 new Arab managers, ready to step-up in their careers.
  • In the media: Interview with Sami Asaad (Kav Mashve VP and Director of Executive Development Programs) by MAKAN radio channel (45 minutes in) about our Lead Forward program and the importance of raising the number of Arab workers in the public sector.


3.   Young Arab Lawyers Reach The Top:

  • 21 graduates of our Law Business Clubs were recruited as interns to the top-20 law firms in Israel, such as Herzog Fox & Neeman, Agmon & Co. etc.  
  • Online meeting in collaboration with Intel: 130 students and alumni of our various programs in the field of engineering learned how they can integrate at Intel and other prestigious companies.
  • Program graduation: 150 excited students enter the Israeli business market as competitive professionals.
  • New law-leaders on the way: 55 law students just started their journey in our law business clubs. We are confident that this cohort will show great results to improve diversity in the law system in Israel.

In the media: Program development during Covid-19 and the promising accomplishments by our law graduates:

4.   Opening New Doors: 37 Talents
       Transforming The High-Tech Nation

  • Applause for cohorts 1, 2 and 3 graduates: 55% already entered the start-up nation with prestigious jobs while breaking norms and making space for Arab voices in the high-tech industry.
  • Coding Bootcamp graduation: Cohorts 4 and 5 ready to join the start-up nation. Don’t miss their super-inspirational external project presentations.
  • 6th cohort start-up: opening new doors for 7 enthusiastic participants.

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Summer Update, July 2020