Kav Mashve News - Winter 2018

Lead Forward 3 - Kick Off Event


The new Lead Forward cohort began with amazing energies and great audience including senior employees from the Arab society at leading Israeli companies like Intel, Amdocs, Bank HaPoalim, Alpha Omega, Tnuva, Strauss and more in addition to government offices employees and third sector organizations.

The stunning results from previous cohorts of the program, lead us forward as well to put more efforts in this 3rd cohort:

17 out of 25 participants have been promoted to management positions in the 1st Leading Forward cohort, and already 10 out of 24 have received a promotion in the 2nd. 

You heard that right! 

This cycle, 25 highly qualified participants were accepted to start an intensive 10-session training course which includes personal mentorship, one-on-one counseling and a team building retreat.

Let us put things in context – less than one percent of managers in Israel are Arab and promoting Israeli Arabs to management positions is a game changer in the field of equal employment- yet another reality we strive to change at Kav Mashve. The Lead Forward program aims to increase the number of Arab managers in the Israeli business sector and by that influence the organizational culture of companies from within, as well as develop more role models for the Arab youth that will inspire them to pursue meaningful careers.

ِSuccess Story of Azhar Majadli – former Lead Forward participant:

“My name is Azhar Majadli, 31, I grew up in Baka al-Garbiyeh. I moved to Tel Aviv when I started my academic studies. I have a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Tel Aviv University. I have been working at Early-Sense for seven years, since I finished my studies, this was my first ever job! The Lead Forward program at Kav Mashve provided me with many tools, knowledge and tips to help me think outside of the box. I have met with amazing people and I enjoyed excellent networking. I received a promotion after participating in the program- I was a R&D project manager before the program, after graduation I took the lead for the company’s medical projects.”

A Programmer in 4 Months!
Kav Mashve launches Full stack JavaScript bootcamp

During the past few years High Tech has become the fastest growing field in the world. In 2018, High Tech companies in Israel reached 8000, of which 360 are research and development centres, and 127 Startup Exits. More than 270,000 employee work in high-tech; however, only 3% of them are Arab. Many people, especially youngsters, are interested in working and developing a career in this field. Yet most of them have the misconception that High tech is only for CS students or the like.

Kav Mashve, in partnership with the British organization Founders & Coders, operates the” Coding Bootcamps” program as part of the efforts of the Innovation Authority to include skilled personnel in the Israeli high-tech industry. The program trains groups of young women and men from Arab society intensively, to acquire advanced programming skills and assists in their integration into Israeli high-tech companies. The program will be implemented in the city of Nazareth and later in Shfa’amr and Daliat al-Carmel.

At the end of the bootcamp, each participant will have personal consulting from one of Kav Mashve’s job-placement experts to find the best job in the high-tech industry.

10 Campus Business Clubs Open in 5 Universities

Less than half a percentage of high-tech workers in Israel are female Arabs, this is the reason that some, such as Rina, have to overcome a huge challenge to enter this field. Rina K., an Arab woman from Kufr Kanna is in her final year of bachelor studies, about to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with excellent grades. 

To help Rina and others overcome this challenge, Kav Mashve opened 10 Campus Business Clubs all over the country, focusing on Computer Science, Bio Tech, Economic, Engineering, Accounting, Law and Human Resources. These clubs not only provide the students with the necessary skills, but also connect them with leaders in their fields of study, they offer mentoring opportunities with executive-level Arab professional and individual job placement services and guidance.

At least 70% of Campus Business Clubs graduates will be placed in jobs in their fields within one year.

We will do everything within our power to facilitate a successful integration of as many young Arab students as possible in high-quality jobs in the Israeli business market.